Gender PRISM (Personality, Relationships, Identity, Sexual Orientation, Minority Stress) Project

Ink Photo Essay Project

Product Placement and Consumer Preferences

Reducing Transgender Prejudice Project

Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: Perceptions, Knowledge and Attitude Change of Oregon Psychologists

Co-rumination, Adjustment, Relationships & Emotions in Chinese & American College Students (CARE-CAYA) - A Cross-Cultural Look at Co-rumination, Friendship, Relational Concerns and Social/Emotional Adjustment

Friendships in U.S. and Ecuadorian Students (FUSES)

Families and Adolescents Coping with Stress (FACS) Project

Suicide Prevention Evaluation Projects (SPEP)

Re-orienting High School Physical Education: A Fitness Club Model

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WPA 2019

WPA 2019 Poster Handout - "I'm a Hot Box of Rice": Influence of Make-up Advertisements on Women's Self-Objectifying Statements

WPA 2019 Poster Handout - An Experimental Study of the Priming Effects of Objectified Words

APS 2017

APS 2017 Poster Handout - Selfie-objectification: Does taking one's own picture increase levels of state self-objectification among college females?

APS 2017 Poster Handout - Evaluating the effectiveness of a humanizing homework assignment to reduce transprejudice among students taking an introductory course in abnormal psychology

APS 2017 Poster Handout - Homework Assignment (Humanizing Condition)

APS 2017 Poster Handout - Homework Assignment (Humanizing Condition)

APS 2015

APS 2015 Poster Handout - Non-binary Living in a Binary World: The Unlabeled Experience

APS 2015 Poster Handout - What Do You Think About Ink?: Evidence of Mixed Associations Between Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Tattooed Individuals

SPSSI 2014

SPSSI 2014 Poster Handout - Reducing Stigma Toward the Transgender Community: An Evaluation of a Humanizing and Perspective-Taking Intervention

APA 2013

APA 2013 Poster Handout - Oregon Psychologists on Prescriptive Authority: Divided Views and Little Knowledge

APS 2013

APS 2013 Poster Handout - A Cross-Cultural Look at Co-rumination, Self-Disclosure, Friendship, Relational Concerns and Emotional Adjustment

APS 2013 Poster Handout - Force of Beauty or Object of Desire? The Priming Effects of Makeup Video Advertisements for Self-Objectification in College-Aged Women

APS 2012

APS 2012 Poster Handout - Data-driven Change in Oregon Psychologists’ Knowledge
and Attitudes about Prescriptive Authority

APS 2012 Poster Handout - Internal and External Factors Associated with Illicit Prescription Drug Use in College Students

APS 2012 Poster Handout - Expectations About Disclosure: Does Gender Moderate the Relationship Between Expectations and Co-Rumination?

SRA 2012

SRA 2012 Poster Handout - Reducing Stigma Toward the Transgender Community:
An Evaluation of a Humanizing and Perspective-Taking Intervention

APS 2011

APS 2011 Poster Handout - In the Wake of a Veto: What do Oregon Psychologists Think and Know About Prescription Privileges for Psychologists?

APS 2011 Poster Handout - Concurrent and Prospective Associations Among Co-rumination, Adjustment, and Friendship in Emerging Adults

Western Psychological Association 2010

WPA Paper - A Cross-Cultural Look at Co-rumination

WPA Paper - Co-Rumination and Negative Inferential Style Are a Vicious Combination

Association for Women in Psychology 2010

AWP Paper - Levels of Social Distance Across Five Diagnostic Categories of Mental Illness

APS 2009

APS 2009 Poster Handout - Gender, Co-Rumination, and Emotional Distress Among College Students: Does Dating Matter?

WPA 2009

WPA 2009 Poster Handout - What I do vs. What I say: Observational Study of Co-Rumination

SRCD 2009

SRCD 2009 Poster Handout - Parentification: It's Just Not Fair!

Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference, March 2009

Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference Powerpoint Handout - Suicide - Building Community Partnerships, Finding Solutions

APS 2007

APS 2007 Poster Handout - Does a Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training Program Work with College Resident Advisers?

APS 2007 Poster Handout - Mother and Adolescent Reports of Parentification: Patterns of Association with Youth Adjustment

SRCD 2007

SRCD 2007 Poster Handout - Does a Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Program Work in a School Setting? Evaluating Training Outcome and Moderators of Effectiveness

SRCD 2007 Poster Handout - A Closer Look at Co-Rumination: Gender, Coping and Emotional Adjustment

SRCD 2005

SRCD 2005 Poster Handout - Parentification and Maternal HIV Infection: Beneficial Role or Pathological Burden?